The Most Trusted and Sought After Name in Kevlar


Kevlar JeepThe rugged Kevlar coating is virtually impervious to chips and scratches on Jeeps, Hummers, and Trucks. With head-turning looks and strapping appeal, Kevlar Jeep coatings pack a robust finish that will protect your vehicle from all of nature’s elements.

Our premium selection of Kevlar coatings comes with state-of-the-art technology advances in bed liner and custom paint applications. Our Dallas & Fort Worth one-stop shop solution for auto work believes in the underlying principle of Jeep Kevlar – super tough protection.

Jeep owners adore their off-road expeditions and Kevlar Jeep coatings provide invaluable protection from water, dirt, rock, wind and dust as you explore planet earth. With a 4700 tensile strength finish, your vehicle will essentially be scratch resistance in all cases. Worried about dents? Don’t be. Kevlar Jeep coatings hold up to the most extreme cases Mother Nature has to offer.

What about colors? PDM Conversions can have your Jeep Kevlar coated in a wide spectrum of colors for the ultimate customized experience. Always remember, even the best paint jobs will fade and peel with time. However, a Kevlar coating will not fade or peel over time making this a highly valuable long-term investment over traditional manufacture paint jobs.

The expert professionals at PDM Conversions spend a considerable amount of time preparing your vehicle for a bed liner/Kevlar coating. This upfront time makes a big difference in the quality of the final product. We never take shortcuts in our processes because we know in order to deliver the best Kevlar Jeep finish it takes time, care, and attention in every step.

The quality of our work is heads above the rest. We formulate our Kevlar Jeep, Truck and Hummer coatings to handle on and off-road environments. Turn your vehicle into something extraordinary through professional Kevlar coating applications with PDM Conversions.